Facebook Business Manager – A Savior or Dilemma?

Are you looking to advertise on Facebook?

If you are an agency who is handling myriad of client’s accounts, know that things can get worse without using a helping hand. It can be a nightmare. Luckily, in 2014, Facebook developed a tool called Facebook business manager to solve all these problems. This tool allows you to work on all your assets from a single place. It makes advertisement on Facebook doable, faster and better. In fact, it is a solution for all those agencies and large-scale companies who are managing various Facebook pages and ad accounts. Just a click is needed to add new people to ad accounts and pages.

Why Create A Business Manager Account?

Whether you are small business owner or large, it’s appropriate to create a business manager account in following cases.

When Your Job Is To Keep an Eye on Multiple Assets

Case 1 - When Your Business Has a Marketing Team

For instance, your organization has hired more than one designated person to advertise on Facebook including Instagram business presence.

When Your Business Has a Marketing Team

Case 2 - When Your Job Is To Keep an Eye on Multiple Assets

If you are accountable to manage several Facebook pages, ad accounts and apps, then you must utilize business manager tool.

Facebook Business Manager

Case 5 - When You Want Your Business to Expand

When you decide to choose business manager tool, you get the advantage to request access to other client's pages, apps and ad accounts. Similarly, it also gives you the ability to share pages, ad-accounts, and apps with other businesses.

Case 3 - When You Are Working With Vendors

So you are running a business, and you work with several vendors who help you in running and managing different pages or ads. It's good until all of your assets are secure. Let's face it. You can't rely on your vendors completely. Have charge of everything by maintaining ownership of all ad-accounts, pages and assets with business manager tool.

Case 4 - When You Want Authority over Permissions

Those who assist you in your business cannot and shouldn't exercise authority over your assets. It's you who is needed to supervise everything regarding who should have access to assets and who shouldn't. If you wish to maintain complete command over your data without giving ownership to members, this tool could be a great choice.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Facebook Business Manager

As compared to in-house agencies, Facebook business manager keep your data organized by having all data and assets in a single place. It’s a central hub where businesses can maintain control of everything and securely handles user access to the appropriate credit lines and designated personnel. However, there are many concerns reported by users as well. According to some marketers, the process to set everything up is quite time consuming. First you are needed to create a Business account, and then you have to add the page, then your ad account, your staff members or page admins. Also, it’s essential to read the fine print to get the idea of everything. Despite of the fact that it’s one time process, it will still be a time-consuming chore.

Many social media managers have also reported concerns with use of business manager. A few of them stated that they lost the power of their admin rights. Apparently, it happened because Facebook shut-off their business account for no valid reason. However, this problem usually arises when advertiser try to make a switch from personal account to business manager account.

Another drawback of using Facebook Business Manager is that it has made it almost impossible to delete any ad account you have claimed to be yours or added to your business manager. Apart from it, it’s also a headache to remove pages from business manager. In addition, Facebook business manager is extremely buggy. This mega tool also doesn’t allow you to pre-plan shared posts.

Tips To Get the Most Out Of Facebook Business Manager

Don't allow your agency claim any pages and accounts

As much business manager allows you to create new pages, you are also allowed to claim existing pages under your account. Here's the catch. Only one business manager account is able to claim an asset. So, in a situation where you are working with agency to manage your Facebook presence, never allow them to claim your pages. Later when you decide to part ways, it will be a hassle to remove those pages from your account.

Add employee accounts by their official email ID

For many, keeping business and private lives separate is quite important. To do so, be sure to use work email addresses of admins and employees you add with business manager. First, this will ensure your control over your Facebook accounts page. Second, this won't provide the employees the distraction they get by using a personal account. Most importantly, it secures your company's assets. From a sustainable business standpoint, you need to make sure if an account needs to be inactive, it can be done efficiently and quickly. Also, when you select to add people, be certain to grant them a restricted access related to their job on Facebook. This reduces the chances of errors since an employee working on one page's assets can't publish on another one unless they are allowed.

From using Analytics, Ads Manager, to Power Editor

All thanks to business Manager, everything is available to you under a single place conveniently. Whether you want to launch Ads manager or Power Editor, you can do it directly from your business manager account. More than that, the best thing about business manager is the ability to see insights and performance across all of your assets in one place.

View status of other companies’ pages

You must have liked other partners and companies as well. Business Manager allows you to pursue various business pages you have liked.


Facebook business manager is a must know tool for those who intend to operate and manage Facebook pages, audiences, pixels, product catalogs, ads, and other assets for their clients. The business manager tool is free, easy step-by-step process and authorize you as an advertiser.