Domain extension is the new fashion. People and businesses alike are looking to gain advantages from it. There are many who believe that there is no secret recipe for creating a winning solution to the perfect website. Some believe that having the right domain and web hosting service is the key. The new trend of adopting exclusive domain extensions to create and re-emphasize their brand’s presence. The benefits of gTLDs are:

  • A perfect way to brand your business uniquely. For example, if a certain Janet is a baker, there will be a few more Janets who would be bakers as well. To make sure that her business remains unique, the business owner creates a unique name that will helps them stay in the minds of their customers. For example:




  • The new gTLDs have opened up a new era of possibilities. It has enabled the people to assume newer and fancier names so that they can catch the attention of the customers. These domain names are also not restricted. Hence the names can be expanded. For example



  • gTLDs can help in reemphasizing the SEO efforts. The search engine will rank your website higher amongst your competitors if you are using special domains. Moreover, Google themselves have invested in the gTLDs business which shows that there will be a time when the special domain names will be preferred over .com domain names. Google now owns the .app domain, and they had bought it for an enormous amount of a million dollars. And similarly, Amazon has purchased the .buy domain.
  • It is a current trend, with recent developments. It is highly advisable for any business to adopt and understand the new trends so that they can create a win-win situation for themselves.

When such big players like Google and Amazon enter the business, it is important to understand the trend and make the relevant, necessary purchases so that you can grab the rights to a creative and exclusive domain name. Focusing on a few aspects of the digital marketing and ignoring the rest will not create the winning situation for you. In fact, there is a need to ride the ride and make sure that you are up to date with the recent trends and developments ensuring a sure shot success for your business. Webhosting is the tiny building block of a strong digital marketing backdrop; you need to make right choices to ensure your business’s growth!


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