Free web hosting is one of the most exciting factors that can be found in the world of internet. It may seem that they are apparently offering you with web hosting as well as cloud hosting. The issues with cheap web hosting may not seem apparent at first, but with the passage of time, it becomes evident that there are a lot of small and large-scale problems that need to be addressed immediately to solve issues. When you secure hosting services for your website, you get done with the domain name registration. There are many types of domain names nowadays. The top-level domain names have been trending nowadays, and amongst them, some of them have secured the status of premium domains.

There are many instances when the domain names may be used as a brand name itself, the recent trend in adopting shorter domain names is on the rise, but it should be done smartly. The benefits that can be enjoyed when using the shorter domain names are:

  • It will not be too long! This is important to understand. Longer domain names can be confusing and even hard to remember, but shorter domain names are catchy and can be retained quickly without much hassle. There are many chances of spelling errors happening in the long domain names.
  • The smaller domain names are concise and can be used to portray their meaning. They are catchy and can be easily remembered.
  • Shorter domain names can look to business like. As they would reflect a very elite like feel. To make sure that you set an impression in front of your customers you need to have shorter domain names.
  • Smaller domain names can be used to ensure authority. When the domain names are short, they indicate that the site owners mean business and much less likely to scam.
  • There are little or no chances for typos. Smaller titles create lesser opportunities for spelling mistakes and can be remembered easily.
  • When you are looking to market your business, you are also banking on various free methods that can be employed to market your business. And what is better than the word of mouth marketing. If you are using longer sentences, it will be difficult for people to understand and remember, while if it is a small name people can readily recognize them and even use it comfortably when discussing with people around them.


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